Mobile Testing with Sunfra Technologies

The professionals at Sunfra have the experience and expertise to provide you with the most reliable mobile testing services available.
Mobile devices are quickly becoming the dominant platform for content access. Across all industries, organizations are finding they must make their content available to mobile users, but finding the path forward is not clear.The variety of mobile devices is huge, and each device has its own quirks, resolution, GUI and processing abilities.

Whether you require web app testing, mobile app testing or mobile website testing, Sunfra offers a comprehensive suite of mobile testing services that aim to achieve maximum testing coverage in minimum time. Automation for mobile apps is still a big challenge for most. Sunfra is experienced in automating tests for many apps on different platforms and achieving a very high ROI.
At Sunfra we feel that emulators and simulators are not enough to achieve maximum coverage, and for all mobile testing we will use real devices.Sunfra houses physical devices based on Manufacturers, Operating Systems, Device popularity, Screen Sizes, Technologies and whatever brings the variation.

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